Brooke’s Blossoming Hope
for Childhood Cancer Foundation

Thank you for your interest in Brooke's Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation, Inc., an Internal Revenue Code IRS 501(c)3 publicly supported charity.

While we are an entirely volunteer led nonprofit, our mission is unique in the two-fold concept of helping children with cancer directly by providing them hand crafted headwear during the difficulties of hair loss, but also by raising awareness for the serious need to both find and fund cures for pediatric cancer. Childhood Cancer is not a problem limited to the United States.  Brooke’s Blossoms care packages have now reached over 13,000 children in 37 countries and 7 languages!!

Too many times we look at the staggering figures like “12,000 children each year are diagnosed with cancer... in the US” and while this is critical to understand, it is also heart wrenching to know how many children are globally facing this battle. For instance, according to the South African Tumor Registry, Childhood Cancer is responsible for more child deaths than HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis COMBINED, yet less than a THIRD of the actual childhood cancer cases are reported there. This is for various reasons, but foremost, children are being misdiagnosed due to medical staff not being aware of the early warning signs of childhood cancer.

Beyond those being undiagnosed, there are countless children fighting, relapsing, progressing, and unfortunately, losing their battles to cancer and it comes down to some pretty disheartening facts revealing lack of funding and “profitability or marketability” of drugs that cure to children who are considered a "minority" in the cancer world. It is time we start paying greater attention to the global picture of the war on childhood cancer.

It is time too, to look beyond conventional toxic treatments to seek what gentler, more integrative approaches are already being studied and how these can pave the way to tomorrow’s pediatric cures. This is the research we are helping to fund and seeking to continue to fund for the future.

We hope YOU will be motivated to take a look at the actions we are taking and join our long list of national and international volunteers, donors, and corporate partners, and help us build a better tomorrow for those youth who are certainly fighting their lives for it.

With Hope,

Jessica M. Hester, M.Ed.

Executive Director, Founder, Mother to Brooke


While living with cancer is never easy,

with God on your side,

it is easy to still find joy

in each and every single day.   

This is Brooke’s story....

Planting Seeds of Faith, Love, and Hope...

Welcome to Brooke’s Blossoming Hope!
Brooke spreading blossoms for GOLD ribbon awareness     in NYC, October 2011

“Spreading Seeds of FAITH, LOVE & HOPE      for Cures... One SMILE at a Time!”

Madison’s LAST day of Chemo!  BIG SMILES!!

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 cancer all over the world and our
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